Ubuntu Jordan LoCo: FLOSS Introduction – The Jordanian Way

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  • On : Mar 13, 2008

Amman, March 13th 2008 –Ubuntu Jordan LoCo Team.
Ubuntu Jordan LoCo Team Logo As part of Ubuntu Jordan LoCo Team continuous efforts to spread awareness about GNU/Linux in the Kingdom, the team organized a public event at The University of Jordan in Cooperation with IEEE Student Branch. Mr. Khamis SekSik gave a lecture Introducing FLOSS in the Jordanian way, as well as a brief background of FLOSS history.

In addition, the lecture included Mr.Seksik explaining some reasons to use FLOSS Jordan, as well as comparing selling service VS selling software, and comparing backward compatibility issues between FLOSS and other software.

Other issues discussed by Mr.Sisek were the ethical reasons to use FLOSS. The argument is that using proprietary software without paying for it equal theft and as such is unethical. In many ways, Mr.Siksek highlighted, choosing the right software is a very important decision because it affects time, effort, and money invested in this software.

FLOSS Introduction - The Jordanian Way

Following the lecture, a number of Ubuntu Jordan LoCo helped in setting up the FIRST Ubuntu Lab in The University of Jordan.
Installation in progressUbuntu Jordan LoCo Logo

It is worth mentioning that next week Ubuntu Jordan LoCo Team is scheduled to start giving Ubuntu Desktop Courses in cooperation with Jordan University IEEE Student Branch.

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