Hello Planet!

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  • On : Jun 07, 2008

If you are reading this through Planet Ubuntu it means that EMEA membership team is done torturing me.

In other words, I made it to the planet which also means I became an Ubuntu Member, So please join me and welcome ME as a new member, Jad Madi

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12 thoughts on - Hello Planet!

  • Oh, wow, that’s really weird, i’ve never seen them either! And they’re actually kind of cool… Let us know if you find out where they are from.

  • I have never seen them either but I haven’t been back to Jordan in 4 years. I think these are “firqet salahif al ninja al isti3radiyeh” after they lost their popularity and eventually were dressed as bears, mummified and displayed in “hadeeqit al toyoor”.

  • This is really weird! but I guess they’d be either in a park or a children center!

    Didn’t the source you got them from mention anything to guide you where they are?

  • Oh that my photo!
    Sorry, Excactly
    That’s bears named
    ‘UNITED budy beares”

    It’s not only JORDAN
    but 127 nations’s.

    I started from BELLIN.
    And Now there are
    in TOKYO until 8th MAY 2005.

    After that they are
    moving another coutry.

    more info

    (JAPANESE but more photo
    about the project)

  • Hey
    Thank you PinKick, for the info and URLS,
    really great shots,
    wonder if they are going to have some landing in jordan for a while..

  • ya3ni hathol mish “salahif il ninja”?

  • la man, mesh 7alasif el ninja!

  • Oh, anman has plan to invite the bears in 2006.

  • Congratulations on becoming a member 🙂

  • Not the best introduction post …

  • Congratulations and welcome!