15 thoughts on - Science fiction is now real

  • Thank you for the inside edition about you .. I am curious now about your first name and the sign language … boy! you are full of surprises 😀

    I have been tagged too and here is the outcome:

  • sign language, that’s great.

  • Nice know about you Jad, but I’m so curious right now, what is your first name?

  • Thank you Khalida, it’s really nice to know more about you.

    As for my first name, I’m afraid if I tell you what it is you will start using it while I’m not used to it.

  • Don’t worry Jad, you can tell me your first name on skype, I won’t publish it without your approval, and of course you will always be Jad to me, I’ve known this name for about 2 years, it’s not easy to change it in my mind :p

  • Ala’a, honestly it’s not hidden and it’s known to some people, I’ll think about telling it here if I got more requests on this post 😛

  • Ok, how many requests do you need, till now we have 2, Everybody, please sign for knowing Jad’s First Name.
    Just kidding … :p

  • ana ba3raf your first name .. agool ?

  • Tariq, since you know it then you must be privillaged, try not to lose this flag 🙂

  • i’m curious now, hmm sounds interesting….
    come on jad say it…

  • That makes us three, how much do we need … :p

  • Ghaloosh, curiosity killed the cat sweety 🙂
    Ala’a How about 10 ?

  • 7 to go …
    how about telling your name with sign language.
    What’s so wierd about your first name anyway ?

  • oh noes! dAmn you Jad!
    *shakes his fist in the air like a *madman*
    ok, sigh, i guess a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…..