Science fiction is now real


  1. Thank you for the inside edition about you .. I am curious now about your first name and the sign language … boy! you are full of surprises 😀

    I have been tagged too and here is the outcome:

  2. sign language, that’s great.

  3. Nice know about you Jad, but I’m so curious right now, what is your first name?

  4. Thank you Khalida, it’s really nice to know more about you.

    As for my first name, I’m afraid if I tell you what it is you will start using it while I’m not used to it.

  5. Don’t worry Jad, you can tell me your first name on skype, I won’t publish it without your approval, and of course you will always be Jad to me, I’ve known this name for about 2 years, it’s not easy to change it in my mind :p

  6. Ala’a, honestly it’s not hidden and it’s known to some people, I’ll think about telling it here if I got more requests on this post 😛

  7. Ok, how many requests do you need, till now we have 2, Everybody, please sign for knowing Jad’s First Name.
    Just kidding … :p

  8. How about Online Petition ?

  9. ana ba3raf your first name .. agool ?

  10. Tariq, since you know it then you must be privillaged, try not to lose this flag 🙂

  11. i’m curious now, hmm sounds interesting….
    come on jad say it…

  12. That makes us three, how much do we need … :p

  13. Ghaloosh, curiosity killed the cat sweety 🙂
    Ala’a How about 10 ?

  14. 7 to go …
    how about telling your name with sign language.
    What’s so wierd about your first name anyway ?

  15. oh noes! dAmn you Jad!
    *shakes his fist in the air like a *madman*
    ok, sigh, i guess a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…..

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