How to Get Things Done – Project Management

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  • On : Feb 22, 2012

Watch this Project Management video to learn how to get thing done when managing projects. As a Project Manager, you need to “alleviate analysis paralysis” and get stuff done quickly. This video shows you how.

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  • What’s going on June 24th in Jordan :s ?

  • What celebration is that?

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  • Happy 24th to you too…so wassup?

    Can it be wished to Americans too?

  • Come on guys, you don’t know what happened in 24th of June?!@
    It’s Jad madi’s birthday! 😀

    Kinzi, yes if you can give me the passport :p

  • Happy happy birthday JAD! Cute kid!

    Weeelllll, I suppose giving up my passport would be proof of my love of Jordan, but uh, imagine the look on their faces at passport control!

  • Happy Birthday shai’7 jad, hope u enjoyed the day 😉

  • looooooooooool and I called everyone i know asking what’s on today and they were all puzzled asking me back why are you asking..

    Happy birthday Jad and many happy returnes {{ strawberry cake and balloons }}

  • Happy birthday haj, I guess you should be dancing the Tango right now, you have 2 things to celebrate


    sorry for the belated wish Man…
    I wish you the best! 😀


  • happy birthday 7ajje

  • Kinzi,
    Thank you hajeh 🙂
    Well, I meant giving me the passport not giving up your passport (Greencard could work also).

    Thanks hajeh.

    yumm yumm, I love strawberry cake!

    Indeed it was a dual reason to celebrate but in Jordan timezone it was only one 😀

    Thanks 7aj, no worry you still can send a present (NOTE: I accept Mastercard, Visa and AMEX)

    thanks 7ajeh 😀

    thank you all jame3an

  • looooooool well,,, happy birthday 😉

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