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greetingsguys, I have ADSL through ppp0, How to set it to auto reconnect whendisconnected..Thanks in advance This script should do what you want. ============= =============#!/bin/sh## Script to check if modem is disconnected & try reconnecting# Graham Smith – 01/02/2004## set -xresult=$(/usr/bin/cinternet -i dsl0 -s | /usr/bin/grep disconnect)#Checks the status of device dsl0 ‘disconnect’if [… Read Article →

Connection Status Received 1 Downloading 69373.5K of 133832.0K 2 Downloading 79904.6K of 133832.0K 3 Downloading 113800.0K of 133832.0K 4 Downloading 66054.8K of 133832.0K File Size = 535328KTotal bytes received = 329132.9K (61.48%)Current speed = 38.34Kb/s, Average D/L speed = 47.11Kb/sTime remaining 1 hours 12 minutes 57 seconds Resume Supported Ctrl-R to exit and resume… Read Article →

What do you think of Jordanian ISP’s ?after couple of calls and meetings requesting and checking their ADSL offers I found out they are all the same, same price, same offers, Wanadoo : conceited sales man, he wanted to say “We are wanadoo, no deals more than the printed offer, no way to discuss, read… Read Article →

php|architect magazine has just launched a new mailing list dedicated to PHP security. The mailing list, which is moderated to ensure an optimal signal-to-noise ratio, is a good place to keep abreast of new security developments, announcements of security products and to discuss proper techniques for deploying, maintaining and developing PHP and PHP applications. You… Read Article →

if its not the first, then its the first I heard of… till now it seems to be alternative for planetplanet, arab made from scratchstill not release, hope adel can give us a release soonAdel [tags]blogging, aggregator, rss[/tags]

WahohohoI just got 2 Zend T-shirts, it was nice from Zend to send thos T-shirts.I wonder if there is anyone preparing to Zend Cert so we can study/work togethernow I’m waiting my Zend Cert guide + Andi php 5 book Same to LPI 101 I’m preparing for it and now waiting my LPIC study guide,

IT could have come from the pages of a Tom Clancy novel, but PC users tempted to view girlie pictures on their screens this Christmas should beware. They could find themselves unwittingly recruited into an international plot to crash Chechen rebel websites. A super-virus disguised as nude pictures is being used to attack internet sites… Read Article →

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