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When it comes to picking an operating system, some governments areflip-floppers, and some just prefer flippers — as in the flippers ofa penguin. Find out why many government agencies all over the worldare choosing Linux in this collection of articles. Search Enterprise linux articles Related storiesFrench government agency moves out NT, moves in Linux Mississippi… Read Article →

today my first day as a non-smoker person till now I have no problem with cutting smoking, No headache, I’m not thinking about it even, but the thing that teasing me, what to do as non-smoker, ya3ni I don’t have my cigarettes, I don’t have lighter, tayeb what I’m supposed to have as a non-smoker,… Read Article →

yes, what are they, are they a search company ? Content-targeted advertising ? Blogging? News ? Software ?it should be clear somehow, that google is not a search company, but what are they is not clear. they have different types of services, Google Search, Google News, Content-Targeted Advertising, Web Directory, Gmail , and as NyTime… Read Article →

ah ah ah ahBack to Yarmouk university , its my 7th year now (ya3ni be6la3li iskan or taka3od :D) , You know el sho’3ol el nedeef bedo wagt, o el deraseh mesh shalfaga

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer share has dropped from 95.6% in June to 93.7% this month. This is the most notable slip for IE’s dominance in over seven years.Reported by Web Standards Project

No news is a good news….Microsoft news is a bad news… Internet news reported that Microsoft has apparently won a patent on tab navigation of links in a browser.This mean microsoft can take royalties fee’s from any company whose browsers allow users to navigate web through tabs.

a very nice web usability article by your total siteI think web developers must focus on usability and accessability, as the web development is not just writing markup pages, its a damn hard logical process till the project is done. One field or three?

I started blogging back in 2002 but felt like Adam with the zero interaction. Now and after the growth of I decided to start blogging again!

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