In this contemporary world it’s somehow easier for individuals and governments to apply a law under the international flag or universal flag even though what the West flag it as universal is not necessarily universal. It’s really harsh to apply anything under the name of religion unless it’s a cool thing in the eye of… Read Article →

Please allow me to repeat myself here, I’m not against CEDAW but CEDAW is against me. Each and every country, nation, religion and even community on this planet has the right to make their own choices based on their own ideology and/or belief. Some people do believe that we human beings descended from monkies, some… Read Article →

Contains three hours negotiating a 16 years old girl to convince not to commit suicide in Irbid because her family prevented her from continuing her studies and a 33 years old man was charged with the premeditated murder of his mother. What a negative news to read before heading to bed after night long of… Read Article →

I will appreciate your time if you can take this survey which should help me understanding my readers. If you can’t see the Survey in this page then please click here to access the survey on SurveyGizmo [tags]SurveyGizmo, Reader, Visitor, language, survey, visitor survey, blog [/tags]

May Allah bless Jordan and our awesome special force I couldn’t embed the video nor download it so I will just link to it Lina Taybeh [ Status originally written by Issa Mahasneh – Yugi] – Today, Jordanian special forces blocked 2 cars at 7th Circle in a thriving Hollywood style. The cars contained guns… Read Article →

A West Point grad, Rhodes Scholar, and Army Ranger recounts his unique education and struggles with the hard lessons that only war can teach. “The Unforgiving Minute: A Soldier’s Education” (Craig M. Mullaney) One haunting afternoon on Losano Ridge in Afghanistan, U.S. Army Captain Craig Mullaney and his infantry platoon were caught in a deadly… Read Article →

Few days ago I had the chance to enter Citadel at night with a friend who is working on a very interesting project there and of course I had the luxury to spend four hours there photographing every possible corner there. Enjoy it! Copyright notice:Please do not steal this photo and claim you that it’s… Read Article →

The Information Technology Association of Jordan (int@j) is pleased to announce its second seminar on OSS entitled “Open Source Opportunities for Jordan”. This two day meeting will convene from 26-27 July 2005. The meeting wil cover topics of special interest to the Business, Academic, Government and Banking communities. All sessions will be open to all… Read Article →

I decided to hate my old theme and now I’m working on a new concept which I have no idea how it will end. I will be working on this blog theme for the next month, You may see a new theme everyday! or some extreme changes, please don’t hate me for that and please… Read Article →

This is a demo that demonstrates the potential of rendering 3D graphics in the browser, using O3D, an open-source web API for creating rich, interactive 3D applications in the browser. The app shown in the video is coded in javascript and html and runs in a web browser. Learn more about O3D at

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