yeah its the funniest and the most weird license I have ever readI will quote some10. This game is NOT intended to be a cute, fluffy, pink game. That is, we will not enforce a family friendly atmosphere. We also do NOT censor words, so if you are offended by some words,it is a good… Read Article →

There was a partnership made this week that is probably scaring the pants off of Bill Gates and the people behind Internet Explorer – Google is shacking up with Mozilla to form Googzilla! Well, not exactly, but close enough. Just as Mozilla makes Internet news of securing almost 6% of the web browser market with… Read Article →

Proceeds of this match will be donated to tsunami victims -SUJ Amman (SUJ)- Jordan’s national football team were held to a 0-0 draw vs. Norway in the friendly match that took place at Amman International Stadium this evening and of which proceeds will be donated to tsunami victims ?SUJ

kernel: The kernel is the core or nucleus of an operating system. Basically, it provides a way for software and other parts of the operating system to communicate with a computer’s hardware. GNU: Part of Richard M. Stallman’sFree Software Foundation, it was founded in 1984 with the goal of creating a totally “free” operating system… Read Article →

t just isn’t fair that Windows users get all the viruses. I mean really, shouldn’t Linux users be in on the fun as well? Well… thanks to the folks running the Wine project, Linux users can “catch the virus bug” too — sort of. Linux just isn’t user-friendly when it comes to viruses. You have… Read Article →

Google Inc. stepped into video search on Tuesday but with an initial focus on indexing the content of broadcast and satellite television.So far, Google Video does not include video from the Web or provide a way to play back shows. The company retrieves content by recording the broadcasts of television programs. “There’s a lot of… Read Article →

After 5 hours struggling with my Speedtouch modem to get it into Always on mode, ( so you don’t need to configure ppp0 anymore, just the Ethernet) got Ubuntu up and running on my main box. anyway, I cant see the light!nighty

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