After about a year of using Linux as the main desktop(its a Free desktop), I found that I’m not using windows anymore, ah actually I use windows for Paltalk voice chat, Red-alert and Generalz games.. and now since I have passed the first installation of linux Ubuntu, I’m thinking to give it all of my… Read Article →

Okay Ubuntu forums have it all, I have just changed my HDD mode to Normal instead of LBA (I don’t know the difference.) and now I’m in Ubuntu base system configurations

Well well well I have just finished the installation of Ubuntu, it wasn’t that hard, the only part was the Linux Partitioninganyway, on First boot I got GRUB loading, please wait… Error 18Was it trying to load the system or to load the error 😀 Now in GRUB manual 18 : Selected cylinder exceeds maximum… Read Article →

greetingsguys, I have ADSL through ppp0, How to set it to auto reconnect whendisconnected..Thanks in advance This script should do what you want. ============= =============#!/bin/sh## Script to check if modem is disconnected & try reconnecting# Graham Smith – 01/02/2004## set -xresult=$(/usr/bin/cinternet -i dsl0 -s | /usr/bin/grep disconnect)#Checks the status of device dsl0 ‘disconnect’if [… Read Article →

Connection Status Received 1 Downloading 69373.5K of 133832.0K 2 Downloading 79904.6K of 133832.0K 3 Downloading 113800.0K of 133832.0K 4 Downloading 66054.8K of 133832.0K File Size = 535328KTotal bytes received = 329132.9K (61.48%)Current speed = 38.34Kb/s, Average D/L speed = 47.11Kb/sTime remaining 1 hours 12 minutes 57 seconds Resume Supported Ctrl-R to exit and resume… Read Article →

What do you think of Jordanian ISP’s ?after couple of calls and meetings requesting and checking their ADSL offers I found out they are all the same, same price, same offers, Wanadoo : conceited sales man, he wanted to say “We are wanadoo, no deals more than the printed offer, no way to discuss, read… Read Article →

php|architect magazine has just launched a new mailing list dedicated to PHP security. The mailing list, which is moderated to ensure an optimal signal-to-noise ratio, is a good place to keep abreast of new security developments, announcements of security products and to discuss proper techniques for deploying, maintaining and developing PHP and PHP applications. You… Read Article →

if its not the first, then its the first I heard of… till now it seems to be alternative for planetplanet, arab made from scratchstill not release, hope adel can give us a release soonAdel [tags]blogging, aggregator, rss[/tags]

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