The dangerous swine flu virus continues to spread, with infections now confirmed in Israel and New Zealand.The World Health Organization has upgraded its pandemic alert level from 3 to 4 and the organization’s deputy director general says that “containment is not a feasible option” at this time. Seven countries now have confirmed cases, with suspected… Read Article →

Espoo, Finland and Monaco, Monaco – At the opening keynote of the 3rd annual WIMA conference, held at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, Nokia announced its third fully integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) device, the Nokia 6216 classic. The new arrival is Nokia’s first SIM-based NFC device which enables operators to build NFC services on… Read Article →

“The Google Way: How One Company is Revolutionizing Management As We Know It” (Bernard Girard) Shortly after World War I, Ford and GM created the large modern corporation, with its financial and statistical controls, mass production, and assembly lines. In the 1980s, Toyota stood out for combining quality with continuous refinement. Today, Google is reinventing… Read Article →

Today is the World Book & Copyright Day which is a yearly event on 23th of April, organised by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing and copyright. The day was first celebrated in 1995. Folks at Global Voices are doing a reading challenge where bloggers are challenged to read a book from a country whose literature… Read Article →

Would be Jane’s Defence Weekly but it’s also the most accurate one analysing military activity around the world, pinpointing geopolitical threats and revealing new weapon technology. All of that is just for $612.42 a year and you get 51 issues a year. Ok, I have to say this bluntly, I would not mind it and… Read Article →

Under the delusional belief that most truck drivers are on meth, several addicts have admitted to searching roadsides for bottles containing a trucker’s urine, in hope of “recycling” what meth might be left behind, by drinking it. When the key ingredients like lithium, muriatic acid, ether, red phosperous and lye are heated and vaporized while… Read Article →

Amazing interview with Zvi Sela who was Israeli police official and a physiology consultant by Kobi Ben Simhon at Haaretz . My first reaction was let me find any of his books and order it immediately but unfortunately I couldn’t find any of his books, not in English, not in Hebrew.

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