“Lowboy: A Novel” (John Wray)Early one morning in New York City, Will Heller, a sixteen-year old paranoid schizophrenic, gets on an uptown B train alone. Like most people he knows, Will believes the world is being destroyed by climate change; unlike most people, he’s convinced he can do something about it. Unknown to his doctors,… Read Article →

Customer: “I’m looking for a book on Ronald Reagan.” Me: “OK, well, that would be right here in the American history section.” Customer: “It’s a particular book, one with transcripts of all his speeches. I’ve seen it here before.” (I spend at least 15 minutes exhaustively searching the shelves to find the book, with no… Read Article →

(I was coming home on the bus and overheard a conversation between an elderly lady and the bus driver.) Lady: “Oof! Do you mind?! You’re so awful!” Bus Driver: “I’m sorry, ma’am? What’s the problem?” Lady: “You keep starting and stopping the bus! I keep falling forward and backward, and it’s taking so long for… Read Article →

This man is just amazing but this time and this movie is triple awesome at least, Clint Eastwood is the actor, producer and the director! all in one 😀 sounds like Arab countries, ha? it seems Clint worked hard on building the character and playing it, maybe because it’s his final appearance on the screen…. Read Article →

Regional agreement to bring educational content to remote schools through mobile technology Madrid, Spain, Espoo, Finland and Miami, USA – Telefonica and Nokia have signed a strategic agreement to bring educational content to remote schools in Latin America through the use of mobile technology. The two industry giants made a commitment to transform the delivery… Read Article →

Grafitter can make weight-loss easier, track recurring dreams or help you monitor your recycling. It may not mow your lawn, but it’ll tell you how much time you spend mowing it. This Twitter-based application was developed by Ian Li, a Carnegie Mellon Ph.D. student at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute. And the fact that it allows… Read Article →

Espoo, Finland and Mountain View, CA, USA – Nokia and Check Point Software Technologies today announced the completion of Check Point’s acquisition of Nokia’s security appliance business, which was initially announced on December 22, 2008. With this acquisition, Check Point assumes full ownership of the security appliance business. The two businesses have collaborated for over… Read Article →

‘You’re 82 years old. You’ve shrunk six centimetres, you only weigh 45 kilos yet you’re still beautiful, graceful and desirable’ – so begins André Gorz’s ‘open love letter’ to the woman he has lived with for 58 years and who lies dying next to him. As one of France’s leading post-war philosophers, André Gorz wrote… Read Article →

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