I just came across Reel Bad Arabs film by Dr. Jack Shaheen who is an Oxford Research Scholar, and the recipient of two Fulbright teaching awards. He holds degrees from the Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pennsylvania State University, and the University of Missouri. He has appeared on national network programs such as CNN, MSNBC, National… Read Article →

Mac OSX is beautiful, not only in its design, but also in its memory management. However, sometimes the inactive memory takes long time before released. According to Apple support Inactive memory is information in memory is not actively being used, but was recently used. For example, if you’ve been using Mail and then quit it,… Read Article →

وصفي التل.. الرجل.. السيرة والمسيرةبقلم حسن بلال التل وصفي مصطفى وهبي صالح المصطفى التل ابن شاعر الأردن الفيلسوف الاجتماعي مصطفى وهبي التل الملقب بـ(عرار) وحفيد الشيخ صالح المصطفى التل أحد رواد التعليم في الاردن والذي كان وزيرا في حكومة عموم عجلون التي شكلتها الزعامات الوطنية لإدارة شؤون البلاد بعد انهيار دولة الخلافة. ولد وصفي التل… Read Article →

It’s not like caffeine runs in my veins but I enjoy reading and writing with coffee, though I do have a decent coffee machine at home but setting in a coffeehouse is more convenient especially if they have outdoor section. Starbucks has always been my favourite coffeehouse but recently Nasseem recommended Cilantro but I didn’t… Read Article →

After hours of struggling to get this blog to run smoothly on EC2, I failed. and I also failed at importing WordPress export to Blogger.com, else you would be reading this blog on blogspot. I have been DreamHost.com customer for ages, they never failed me, but they are not as fast as I wish them… Read Article →

So I’m back to blogging but I still have some technical issues to settle. I’m hosting this blog on Amazon EC2 with a fine Elastic HTTP load balancer, the performance is much better than what I wanted when I decided to run out of DreamHost.com. I still have a simple issue with Amazon’s EC2. EC2-IP… Read Article →

I’m back to blogging!There is a lot to be done here. First, I need to decide whether I should keep the old archive or remove it, then I will have to adjust the theme to make it simpler and whoops! I should be ready to go. Todos before starting blogging Simplifying the theme Importing WordPress… Read Article →

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