I just switched back to my old Sony Ericsson K530i because now I’m using the phone more as a phone! Although my Sony Ericsson is very old by now but I still can talk for hours without the threats of battery level. Battery is one thing I hated about iPhone 3G. I really appreciate the… Read Article →

So the verdict is out! You can’t get the most of iPhone OS 4.0 on your iPhone 3G but 3Gs and since I don’t have iPhone 3Gs nor can afford to buy it now or even interested in it anymore, I’m considering installing Android on my iPhone 3G. None of the blogs I checked confirmed… Read Article →

If you are a heavy Internet user and reside in Middle east – Jordan, you must be tired of the plans. I just decided to cancel my ADSL plan and go with 3G+ data line, so far I’m getting average speed of 5Mbs which is great compared to any other ADSL line I’ve ever had,… Read Article →

Big companies like Amazon, Apple and Sony are fighting for the best device to deliver digital books and I’m loving that as it will only increase get consumer more features for less but yet content is everything I care about. I’m a book geek, I don’t mind reading on iPhone, my Mac Book or buy… Read Article →

I just switched to Mac two months ago and to be honest, I’m enjoying it to the max. Of course, switching to Mac isn’t that easy, switching to another operating system include a lot of phases. First you should familiarize yourself with the general system use, finding reliable applications to get the job done and… Read Article →

The former owner decided to quit programming and advocacy and we saw the potential of this blog to grow so we arranged for a good deal with him and now it’s under new management! We will keep blogging about the same topics but probably will expand the theme and there will be more frequent updates…. Read Article →

Professor Eric Faden of Bucknell University created this humorous, yet informative, review of copyright principles delivered through the words of the very folks we can thank for nearly endless copyright terms. http://cyberlaw.stanford.edu/documentary-film-program/film/a-fair-y-use-tale

So to me twitter is a slow paced chat medium and it’s too much fun! but for sure it makes you less active blogger as you will vent the ideas within the 140 characters limit and feel satisfied but it can also be a source of inspiration. It’s funny that people take twitter seriously! well,… Read Article →

I received some very positive feedback on the idea and I really hope it will spread around but we need to maintain certain level of positiveness. What we’re trying to do should be understood as online activism and/or a customer satisfaction survey (Yes, we’re doing them a favour) but not a chance to lash a… Read Article →

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